New synagogue, Mariupol, Donetsk oblast

As a result of military fighting in Mariupol, a synagogue that had been the center of local Jews for the past two years was destroyed. The exact date of the destruction of the synagogue is unknown, it is assumed that it happened before March 17, 2022. In an interview for the Workshop of Academic Religious Studies, a local resident, researcher Ilya Lukovenko shared details about the fate of the Mariupol synagogue: "It was a building in the heart of the city on Myru Avenue and it was there that the synagogue functioned until February 2022. This is an old building, even pre-revolutionary, of the early 20th century. Before it became a synagogue, the Mariupol Puppet Theater was located there. The building had a large hall that was used as a prayer hall. This synagogue is also now destroyed, and only the walls have remained. It was a two-story building, and now there are neither any overlays nor a roof…"

Mariupol synagogue, new, prospekt Myru (Myru Avenue)
General information
Building typesynagogue
LocationMariupol, Donetsk Oblast
Religious affiliation*Judaism
Date of damagebefore 17 March 2022
Damage degreecomplete destruction
*as for moment of shelling