Holy Intercession Convent, Lyman, Donetsk oblast

From Religion on Fire
Holy Intercession Convent
General information
Building typemonastery
LocationLyman, Donetsk Oblast
Religious affiliation*Orthodoxy (UOC MP)
Date of damageApril 2022
Damage degreemedium
*as for moment of shelling

During the shelling of the city of Lyman, Donetsk region, the Holy Intercession Convent was damaged (the exact date of the shelling is unknown, probably the end of May 2022). The convent belongs to the Horlivka Diocese of the UOC. A video with the shelling consequences was published on YouTube channel of the diocese. As can be seen in the video footage, the facades and windows of the central church of the convent complex were damaged by shell fragments. The bell tower, monastic cells and economic buildings were also damaged. There are numerous shell holes on the territory of the convent. The Holy Intercession Convent is a new religious complex of the diocese, built and consecrated in 2016.