Karaite Kenesa, Kharkiv, Kharkiv oblast

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Karaite Kenesa, 19th century
General information
Building typehouse of prayer
LocationKharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast
Religious affiliation*Karaism
Date of damage31 March 2022
Damage degreeslight
*as for moment of shelling

As a result of shelling by Russian troops in the city of Kharkiv on March 31, 2022, the facades of the Karaite Kenesa were damaged. Oleksandr Makhlayev, a habbai (an official at the kenesa), reported the damage, and the photo of the damaged building was provided by Yuriy Radchenko. The Kharkiv Karaite Kenesa is an architectural monument of regional significance. The Kenesa building was laid on August 18, 1891.