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The project Religion in Fire was initiated by NGO Workshop of Academic Study of Religion in March 2022. The project team documents information on damaged and destroyed religious buildings in Ukraine.

On this website you will find information about damaged or destroyed buildings and places of worship of various Ukrainian religious organizations during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

For convenient navigation, religious objects are filtered by types of buildings, religious affiliation, degree of damage, regions and date.

Types of buildings

Categorizes the items according to various types of buildings: church, synagogue, educational institution, monastery etc.

Religious affiliation

Categorizes religious buildings according to religious affiliation

Degree of damage

Categorizes religious buildings according to the degree of suffered damage: from weak to comlete destruction


Categorizes religious buildings according to the region where it is situated


Categorizes religious buildings according to the date when they were damaged or destroyes

This site is produced within the project «EU Emergency Support 4 Civil Society», implemented by ISAR Ednannia with the financial support of the European Union.