St. Transfiguration Church, Mariupol, Donetsk oblast

From Religion on Fire
St. Transfiguration Church
General information
Building typechurch
LocationMariupol, Donetsk Oblast
Religious affiliation*Orthodoxy (UOC MP)
Date of damage30 April 2022
Damage degreecomplete destruction
*as for moment of shelling

After the devastating shellings of Mariupol by the Russian army, St. Transfiguration Church in Сheremushky residential area was destroyed. On April 30th, 2022, on the page of "Orthodox Donbas" in Facebook the photographs of ruins of St. Transfiguration Church of the Donetsk eparchy of the UOC (MP) were posted. The church was completely destroyed. It is evident from the photographs that only a few half-ruined walls and the foundation remain. The church has been active at this site since 1975. Several antique icons with particles of saints' relics were kept in the church. The icons remained from the old St. Nicholas’ port church in Mariupol of the year of 1915.