St. Volodymyr Church, Cherniakhiv, Zhytomyr oblast

From Religion on Fire
St. Volodymyr Church
General information
Building typechurch
LocationCherniakhiv, Zhytomyr Oblast
Religious affiliation*Orthodoxy (OCU)
Date of damage7 March 2022
Damage degreeslight
*as for moment of shelling

On March 7, 2022, as a result of the targeted/precision/pinpoint bombing of the oil base in the urban-type settlement of Cherniakhiv, the church was damaged. The shock wave broke the window panes in the church, damaged the ceiling and the lamp/lighting (? "світильник"), and numerous cracks have appeared on the walls inside the church.



 * Свято-Володимирський храм смт.Черняхова зазнав пошкодження від бомбардування. Житомирсько-Поліська єпархія. Українська православна церква (ПЦУ) (дата звернення: 15.01.2023).